Welcome the website for the UT personality study.

As part of our personality study, we would like to collect information about our participants' personality from people who know them well.

In the first stage of our study, the person who nominated you (hereafter referred to as "X") completed some questionnaires about how they see their own personality. With X's permission, we are asking you to provide us with additional information about X's personality.  We believe that friends and family have a unique perspective on personality, and we hope you can tell us more about what X is like. Thus, we would like to know your impression of X's personality.

The rating form that follows will allow us to obtain a more accurate measure of X's personality. Before we get to the questionnaire, however, we want to make sure you understand that your answers are completely confidential. YOUR RATINGS WILL NEVER BE SHARED WITH X. In fact, nobody outside of the research team will ever see your answers, and we will never use your name or any identifying information when presenting our results. Be sure to keep your ratings of X confidential, and do not make your ratings in the presence of X.

We also ask that you answer as honestly and accurately as possible. In order to further our scientific research on personality, we are relying on you to provide us with as accurate a description of X as possible. Your ratings will not affect X's relationship to the University of Texas in any way, they will only be used for scientific research purposes.

The next webpage will ask for your consent to participate. After you give your consent, you will be directed to the questionnaire, which should take no more than 15 or 20 minutes to complete.

Before you proceed, make sure you know:

-Who you are rating (i.e., who "X" is)

-Your participant ID number

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at simine-at-mail.utexas.edu


-The UT Personality Research Lab

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