UT Personality Study
Consent Form

The Psychology Department and the University of Texas require that all persons who participate in psychological studies give their consent to do so. A description of the study appears below.

This study examines how people see themselves, and how they are seen by others who know them well. In order to compare self-ratings to others' ratings, we are collecting personality ratings from people who know our participants well. Eventually, we plan to compare these ratings to determine how well people know themselves, and how they are seen by others. We will also be comparing the self and others' ratings to measures of behavior in order to determine whether self-ratings or others' ratings can predict behavior better.

One of our participants (hereafter referred to as "X") has nominated you as someone who knows them well. On this website you will find a short (10-20 minutes) questionnaire that we would like you to fill out about X. Please keep in mind that you will not be describing yourself, you will be describing X. If you do not know who nominated you for this study (i.e., who X is), please email us at simine@mail.utexas.edu before completing this questionnaire.

X WILL NOT SEE YOUR ANSWERS. All of your data will be kept strictly confidential. Only our research team will see your answers. All written and verbal accounts of the results will be anonymous.

Before you proceed to the questionnaire, remember that agreeing to participate does not commit you to anything. You can always withdraw at any time, choose not to answer any of the questions, or deny us permission to use your data. Your decision as to whether or not to participate will not affect your present or future relationship with the University of Texas at Austin.

Please note that this study is being conducted purely as part of an academic research program and has no commercial connections.

If, after reading the above information, you decide to participate in our study, please click on the "I agree" button below to indicate that you understand all of the above and that you give your consent to use the data you provide. Clicking on this button does not constitute a waiver of any legal rights.

Please feel free to ask the research coordinators any questions you may have before or after completing the questionnaire by emailing us at: simine@mail.utexas.edu

Clicking below will take you to the questionnaire. Please complete the questionnaire only once. Please be sure you know who you are rating (who X is) before continuing. Thanks for your participation.

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